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Mastic Joint Sealing

Mastic Joint Sealing is vital for concrete floors as it seals the expansion / contraction joints and saw cuts to stop water penetration whilst allowing the needed movement within the concrete. Water penetration is like cancer to concrete as when it gets into it, it can freeze or heat up to expand or evaporate and cause the concrete to weaken at a much faster rate. When all the joints have been masticked, it stops water penetration whilst providing support to help reduce joint breakdown under traffic and it also means that cleaning and maintenance is far easier. For more information see our 

We seal internal and external floors using a range of the best mastics on the market and with a well-honed technique to seal quickly, neatly and efficiently. We often use Sika Pro 3 for internal floors, and Thioflex 555 / 600 or Colpor 200 for external Joints. We can mastic all sized joints using the best automated mastic guns to deliver a great finish that our customers are happy with.

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