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  • Does Concrete need to be maintained?
    Yes, Concrete is an extremely hard and durable material but still needs maintenace to keep it from breaking down. Concrete that is cleaned and trafficked regularly might start beginning to show signs of wearing and breaking down after only a short time. To keep the concrete looking like new there are four simple steps to follow so that your investment in your concrete is Protected. 1. Cleaning Concrete Regularly - Helps remove dirt, grime, oil, rust and other stains. 2. Repairs - Any concrete repairs that may appear e.g. cracking, should be dealt with as soon as possible to stop water penetraion which could lead to a wider spread breakdown. 3. Sealing Concrete Joints - Mastic sealing concrete joints helps avoid water penetration between slabs along with debris build-up. It also helps support slab edges from breakdowns especially in areas of heavy traffic. 4. Sealing the Concrete Surface - Using a suitable concrete sealer can dramatically improve abrasion resistance, repelling water, dust proofing and UV protection from sunlight.
  • What are the benefits of using R&J Concrete Repair Specialists Limited?
    By selecting us to carry out your repairs, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands. We are the number one go to team for concrete repairs for a national concrete laying Contractor which means we are constantly on site solving issues and fixing problems to please their customers. We are also the sole concrete repair company trusted by some of the largest companies in the UK to carry out their repairs and we are often taking on larger contracts. By choosing us you will see that we work relentlessly to please our customer base as our slogan is 'We're not happy, until you're happy'.
  • Why is Mastic sealing joints / Saw cuts so important?
    Saw cuts are cut into concrete so that controlled cracking is achieved instead of a mass of cobweb looking cracks going where they please. The saw cuts are straight and neat which is much more pleasing and useful than having cracks all over the floor. Mastic sealing of joints and saw cuts helps prevent water penetration which leads to concrete breakdown along with keeping debris and other substances from getting to the exposed concrete. It also helps strengthen the slab edges from cracking which happens under areas of high traffic. A properly mastic sealed concrete structure would last a lot longer than one that isn't.
  • What do you use to repair concrete?
    We have our trained concrete repair team who constantly keep updated with new materials and methods of repair so that we have the answers to all problems that occur within concrete. We tend to use specialist materials for purposes such as quick setting, ultra strength, colour matching and as per our customers requirements. Once an area in need of repair has been discovered, our team will provide the best advice so that the issue is solved permanently and not just as a quick fix solution. We take pride in our work and want to make sure the job is done right, first time, every time.
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