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Floor Coatings

Epoxy Resin Coated & Painted Floors

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Coating floors is a great way of rejuvenating the look of an old floor or giving a great finished look to a new floor. It adds a great layer of protection to concrete with its abrasive resistance and stopping of water penetration. Instead of having to add pigment (at great cost) to the concrete being laid, by using a coating (for it being such a thin layer) you can pretty much have any colour you want. They have many joint benefits like light reflection and easy cleaning for a brighter cleaner work environment.

Surface preparation is so important to having a good floor as you want to make sure you have a flat well keyed / acid etched / latex screed surface to lay upon. Without these components to start with, it is very likely that the finished floor won't look how you wanted it to and could even create issues with useability in the future.


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