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Concrete Repairs

Crack Injection, Lignite, Delamination and other Repairs

Repairing Concrete is what we are best known for and it was the starting point from where we have expanded our business. We strive to fix concrete wherever practically and financially possible, and only replace if completely necessary. Although there are many different products to aid in various repairs, it is essential to choose the right one to avoid worsening a problem. Our teams of repair operatives receive regular product training days on various materials, suppliers, and techniques for installation to ensure that proper practices are always adhered to. This is one of the reasons why we get repeat works from our main customer base as they know they can call upon us to solve the issues that they have. Repairing and maintaining concrete is essential in increasing its overall longevity and reducing high costs associated with breakdowns and replacement. Below are some of the more common issues with concrete, but for more information and specific enquires please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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Concrete Cracking
Concrete Crack Repairs

Cracking is one of the most common problems in concrete due to there being so many factors that could effect the outcome. These could be from the design and pour, to weather condition or just human error. But there should be no need to worry because with R&J Concrete Repair Specialists Limited, we offer expert advice for fixing and to prevent problems from getting worse. We have a wealth of experience and have the knowledge and expertise so that we can combat the issues that arise with concrete, so with us you are always in safe hands.

Concrete Breaking up

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. Fixing Problems

Crack Injection is just one methods of filling cracks but it is one of the best for completely filling between two or more edges as the material is pressured in to force the air out. It is a great way of fixing concrete as leaving it would cause major deterioration especially in wide cracks. You always need to try to find the cause of the cracking though as there is no point filling it if the problem is just going to continue. There are many reasons concrete cracks and by working out the reason, you can figure out the appropriate action that should be taken.

Lignite is a soft, weak, black or brown substance, akin to coal, naturally occurring in some aggregate sources. It rises to the surface on power floated concrete (as it is lighter than the aggregate) and shows especially in the well trafficked areas. We can fix it and quite often the costs can be recovered from the concrete supplier and pouring contractor.

Delamination occurs when the surface of the concrete sets before all of the bleed water has made it to the surface and is therefore trapped. The water forces its way through the cured surface and evaporates leaving the hollow areas and cracks it made in its escape which would crumble under traffic. This is caused by extreme heats, wind exposure or from sealing the concrete to early.

We use product specific materials along with tried and tested methods to fix the different problems in concrete. We always put the customers satisfaction as our highest priority and strive to achieve perfection through our quality of work.

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