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Concrete Joint Repairs

Concrete Joints are one of the main areas where concrete starts breaking down. This is due to extreme pressures that the concrete slabs undergo during the weight transfer of heavy loads and vehicular traffic. Joints are essential in concrete as it allows slabs to move naturally so as to not crack under the weight. Usually at these joints (within the concrete) are metal support bars linking the slabs so that they don't rise or drop throughout their lifespan. You also find saw cuts in the concrete as this induces the natural cracking that occurs and helps reduce it going in any direction it desires (like a spiders web) leaving neat straight lines through the floor. Joints should be sealed, normally with a mastic sealant (different varieties are available for different applications e.g. fuel and chemical resistant) as this helps support the joint edge under traffic and stops water penetration that could damage the concrete from within. With R&J, you have peace of mind knowing that any repairs undertaken are done so that they resolve the issue entirely leaving you to focus on your normal day to day business.

Broken Joint.gif

Image above depicts edge breakdown and  also shows the repair and it mastic sealed.

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Some recent joint repair works taking out a 30m temporary joint and filling over using a specialist Epoxy Mortar which reaches 105N compressive strength in 3 days. Works were completed earlier than scheduled allowing the company to use the isles sooner. Checked back 6 month later and all still perfect, colour darkened to match existing floor so repair is virtually invisible now.

'Using the best products on the market, to reduce downtime, increase lifespan, and to ensure a future without issue.'

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