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Latex Screeding

Latex Screeding is a great way to even up floors, to cover underfloor heating systems, and to make good floors prior to a finished surface being applied. Due to its self-levelling properties, it leaves a smooth level finish which is highly sought after especially for tiling, carpet laying and resin painting / coating. Surface preparation is vital for a good bond as problems will occur if incorrectly laid on a poor surface. A good surface is a clean rough finish so that the material can grip well without oil and dust contamination. As long as the existing concrete is at a good enough standard Latex screeding can help strengthen, protect, and bring renewed use to older floors.

Water damage and delamination occur quite frequently in concrete floors. Instead of cutting out and removing the whole section, surface preparation and Latex screeding are often preferred as a cheaper and quicker alternative. We often use the best latex for highly trafficked floors as it yields brilliant results in look, texture and strength, but this is also largely down to our efficient preparation and laying methods that have succeeded 100% of the time. Latex screeding can be laid as low as 4mm meaning that large areas of concrete don't have to be removed (which would be quite costly in comparison).

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