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About Us

Company Directors: Ryan Huish and Jack Newman


R&J Concrete Repair Specialists Limited founded in July 2017

Jack and I started working together for a concreting company as its remedial department. We quickly discovered that what set us apart was our dedication and attention to detail that most companies lack. We immediately gained a name for ourselves as the people who could fix floors to the customers requirements often putting in many extra hours so that jobs were completed on time and to price.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and name, and will always keep the customers needs as the highest priority.

We cover the whole of the UK and like travelling to different places and relish meeting new people and coming up against problems for us to overcome.

With our team we want business owners / companies / contractors to have peace of mind by knowing their concrete is in safe hands.


. We have expanded our team further as we find ourselves almost overwhelmed by a mass of work which we are extremely happy with. Some large projects have kept a steady scheduled work-rate throughout the year while all the smaller works can be carried out as per our customers requested dates and without delay. We always strive to better ourselves and expand our knowledge and services so that we can continue to satisfy the needs of some of the biggest companies in the UK. We have successfully carried out 4 areas of works at the Biggest Distribution Centre for Wincanton Argos of which they are very happy about. From our current workload for the rest of the year and into the start of 2020 I can already see we will have to expand our team further. With our sort of works and with so many products and techniques to learn, our experienced concrete repair operatives guide new recruits for the first few months which includes product specific trainings, reports on progress, data sheet readings and on site work in a safe environment. We will produce an end of year report showing the highlights of our year and we continue to live and work by the phrase

'We're not happy, until you're happy'


. Like all businesses we have had to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. We had to close during the first lockdown due to the government regulations and we were only allowed to continue working by following new strict site and government rules on cleanliness and social distancing. Business however has been steady (for which we are thankful for) as regular clients have been able to continue working. In addition, we have received a record amount of enquiries and provided quotations totalling over £1.5 million. We continue to provide the highest standard of repairs possible and still look to compete for larger works. Further updates for this year will follow. Keep well and stay safe!!


. The problems from the Covid-19 Pandemic on materials, fuel etc continue to push costs higher (almost weekly changes on some of our material prices) and therefore quotations for works have to be time sensitive (3 month window to proceed with our quotations). The effects of 2020 show we were hit harder than we realised but thankfully this year we have increased turnover 20% but this is still below our pre pandemic level. Further Vaccinations are provided by the Government this winter as infection rates started to climb again when the weather grew cold. We will move into the new year with our diary filling up and the hope that normality can be maintained. Keep safe and have a happy New Year!!


.Well This Year Started terribly as the J from R&J (Jack) was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. However I am pleased to say that after 2 Operations, 12 weeks of Chemo (he jokes that luckily he didn't have any hair anyway) and an all clear from the surgeon, he is on the road to recovery and getting used to his new bag!! Work wise we have thankfully returned to a pre pandemic turnover (a 40% increase from 2022) and are moving into the new year with a full January and nearly February already. The R from R&J (Ryan) welcomed a baby boy into the world late in august (a couple of days before Jack received his all clear news) which meant the week was celebrated very well indeed!! The war in Ukraine is still going on which has heaped extra costs onto fuel, electrics and gas. But many people have accepted the refugees from the war into their homes showing just what a great nation we are. The Covid-19 Pandemic is pretty much quietened down and life can almost fully resume as it was (except for a lot more hand sanitising which is hardly a bad thing). We hope you all have a nice peaceful break, and a very Happy New year!!

2023 Update:

. We started the year strong and Jack continues to recover and recently received his 1.5 year clear news from the Hospital which is great news. 

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